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  • Amenities & Infrastructure

    SCHOOL CLINIC: Medical checkups and record of students are done on a quarterly basis. Parents are informed immediately if a child is found to be critically ill or needs special attention. Parents are requested to avoid sending sick children to school or to appear for examinations as the child’s health is of the prime importance.The medical history of the child is to be submitted at the beginning of the session and time to time about the progress of the child through the class teacher.

    CARNATION MESS: Our school carnation mess is equipped with modern kitchen equipments and hygiene is taken at most care of. We serve nutritious and varieties of food. A variety of evening snacks is also available throughout the week. Keeping children’s growing age in mind milk is served thrice a day. The Indian tradition of having sweet dish after dinner is preserved.

    LIBRARY: Library is the learning center, the shed of knowledge. The school has vast collection of books, magazines, periodicals & news papers. Students can borrow books for one week only on the card issued in their name. The books lost or damaged will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower. It also has computers that allow children to access audio-visual aids in the library.

    SCIENCE LABORATORIES: The Senior school has separate Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories. Students from the secondary and senior secondary sections perform their scientific activities and experiments under the able guidance of experienced teachers.

    MATHEMATICS LABORATORY: To develop a sense of enjoyment rather than fear, the school has a well equipped Mathematics laboratory which provides the best knowledge by practical applications.

    MUSIC ROOM / RECORDING STUDIO: Music is a true demonstration of our tradition, culture and aspirations. Our music room has wide range of Indian and Western musical instruments where all classes get to practice at least twice a week.

    DANCE ROOM: Both Indian & Western dance is taught to our school students. Classical Indian dance is taught and students enjoy the varied foot positions and hand gestures associated with our classical dance styles. Dancing is truly a refreshing way to fuse school schedules with creativity & a commitment to perfection.

    ART ROOM: Drawing is one of the most important activities as it deals with all sort of creative activities like painting, sculpture and printmaking. The school has its art room amidst greenery at one end of the school building surrounded by forest cover and initiates the creativity of an artist to come out naturally.

    LOST & FOUND CENTRE: Students losing personal belongings during the school hours can contact the lost and found section to claim his / her lost item. It can be procured after providing proof of evidence for the same.

    SMART CLASS ROOMS : The teachers take the help of visual aids to help young minds grasp the subject more clearly and are able to leave imprints of matter that transforms from Short term Memory to Long term Memory. The AV room is also utilized by students and staff for various seminars / meetings / workshops etc.

    Wi-Fi CAMPUS : School is having Wi-Fi Facility for all round development of the child.

    ESL LAB: ESL lab can help you with all of the following:

    • Understanding to listening and speaking skills.
    • Listening and then practicing again and again till perfection.
    • Planning and organizing the worksheets.
    • Consulting the dictionary.
    • Incorporating source material effectively and properly citing sources.
    • Improving the grammar and vocabulary of your drafts.

    SWIMMING POOL : The school has a swimming pool of 25 meters. The pool is designed with a strong emphasis on learning swimming tactics under the expert swimming coach’s constant watch so that a safe environment is available for the young swimmers.

    YOGA ROOM : Yoga acts as a catalyst and unravels the many wonderful qualities that children possess. Apart from the apparent physical benefits, it helps the child become aware and focused. Even special children with learning disorders benefit immensely with yoga. School is conducting regular yoga classes for all-round development of the students.

    COUNSELLOR’S ROOM : Individual students are encouraged to meet the school counsellor and receive counselling & guidance as & when required or referred by school faculties.

    HORSE RIDING: The most popular of all sports is the horse riding. The school can boast of a fully equipped stable with riding arena where the students hone their equestrian skills.


    USOIS website aims at creating a new dimension incorporating the use of information technology in education in the 21st century. It provides opportunity not only to our students but also to their parents, our teachers and staff members. It aims at building up communication and a closer interaction within the members of USOIS family and the wider world.The website provides updated school news, school events, results, circulars, general school information, activities and many more things to explore. In the near future many new interactive information is going to be added into the website.

    Library Timining

    Monday to Saturday
    Morning-7:45 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
    Evening- 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.