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    We Offer at Our School

    At USOIS — Mangalwad we offer your child an opportunity to journey from (KG) Kindergarten to Secondary Education (Class 12) and even further higher studies all in the same campus. Under the gentle care and nurturing of a dedicated team of experienced Teachers, your child will grow in an atmosphere where they will explore and experience a wide range of activities and co-curricular activities along with their studies.

    Our facilities include beautiful landscaped gardens along with large open spaces, the class room sizes are made in a manner to optimize your child’s learning capabilities and all round development. Most importantly our Digital Teaching of Subjects enables our Dedicated and Capable Teaching Staff to provide the highest level of pedagogy. As an African Proverb says “It takes a village to raise a Child” Here at the U. S. Ostwal International School (USOIS — Mangalwad) we have the privilege to partner with the Parents, to be the “Village” to train and equip your child towards a Successful Future.

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