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  • Message from The Chairperson

    Our School is one of the Best Secondary Schools.
    We focus on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

    Our Visionary Chairman created U. S. OSTWAL in the model of a ‘Gurukul’ with the aim of imparting holistic education, not only to enable ’employ ability’, but to provide knowledge to a person to find his identity and the meaning and purpose in life. He was also a fervent believer in spiritual values with a desire to connect to nature and the community.

    The noble impulses within him were so assertive and awakened that in spite of his elevated global status; he had the infinite humility to state that “We have simply received our blessings by being in the right place at the right time. We are then custodians of the financial resources that have been bestowed upon us and, as such, we should deploy them for the benefit of mankind.”

    U.S. OSTWAL imbibes and imparts these values through its excellent, state of the art, education system and infrastructure.

    Be inspired, broaden your horizons, aim for excellence and achieve all your dreams.

    A leader who had the vision and conviction that this dream can be achieved. He inspired the Strength and Energy in all of us.

    Shri Umrao Singh Ostwal, Chairman