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  • Our Chairman Message

    Education is the key to a Dynamic and Productive Society, offering opportunity and fairness to one and all. With Education comes Knowledge and Skills which can be implemented for Success. In USOIS — Mangalwad we have Good Teachers who use the latest in digital technology and most effective methods and trends in teaching our Students and these methods are upgraded regularly.

    A Successful Institution is so, because they are effective, as all the people involved in the network, carry out their work with a commitment to succeed. Leadership, Teamwork and Sound Management, all go together in the endeavor to make U. S. Ostwal Education Society one of the Prime Educational Institutes.

    It is our aim as Parents is to want our Children to succeed, in all their endeavors. Here at the USOIS — Mangalwad our role as their Teachers is to equip them with all the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes required to enable them achieve their Goals in Life, and deal effectively with situations, in their Adult Life.

    At the USOIS — Mangalwad we strive to give shape to this vision, with the help of a Team of dedicated Teachers, Administrators, and Academic Planners who work hard to fulfill the aspirations and dreams of the Parents who have placed their Beloved Children/Wards in our care, and the Future of our Dynamic and Creative Students.

    Umrao Singh Ostwal – “Wishing success for your ward”

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